Innovation Time Off

Chris Shayan
2 min readJan 13, 2023
Illustration by Alana Peters/The We Company

I strongly believe in having a regular schedule of getting a day off from normal working space and get the various members (preferably cross functional members) together in an offsite and get everyone to think out of the box.

When I was coding for living, me and many of my peers had many ideas on how to improve our product and what we can offer better, however we were never given the chance until I experienced the “Innovation Time Off” in google. It was amazing. Basically the idea was leadership believes team have ideas and know what to do next that helps business so basically they enable the team to have such brainstorming. When I moved to Vietnam, I ran few of such days in various companies and I find it amazing. Many ideas that helped us to boost our business results was originated in our Innovation Time Off days.

Inspired by Steve Blank’s business model canvas, I was keen to find a way to create a template in A5 size to capture an idea. Kudos to Khuong, Chi and other members for creating this template.

You can bucket the ideas into 10 models of innovation, the culmination of years of in-depth research from Doblin, an innovation-focused firm now owned by Deloitte.

If you had many ideas then you can use card sorting technique to draw a affinity diagram. The Affinity Diagram is a way to show and organize large number of ideas and data into their natural relationships.

Then you can use any of prioritization framework to build your roadmap. My favorite is one of the Atlassian Plays that ends up with a visualization as below:

Hope this simple model can cause to see more of Innovation Day Off across companies in Vietnam.