Gamifying Engineering for Better Employee Experience

What is a Game?

It seems like a simple question. But, most people fail to answer the question in the first go. One can give numerous examples of a game — Pokemon Go, Mario, Tetris, etc, but cannot classify what exactly is a game.

So, What is Gamification?

As games and their popularity grew, it was inevitable that the formula they were built upon was going to be used outside their own sphere. Gamification takes the elements of game mechanics like Points, Scores, Leaderboards etc. and adds to non-game environments.

  1. To Engage Users/Employees.
  2. To Motivate them.
  3. To Retain the Existing ones.
  1. How to make games more meaningful?
  2. How to make life more fun?
  1. Extrinsic motivations are external, which arise when one engages in an activity because of a goal or a reward.
  2. Intrinsic motivations arise when the player finds the activity fun and exciting and would do it with or without a reward at the end of it.

What is Techcombank Software Engineering Next Experiment?

In “Transformation at Techcombank” I shared about our full DevSecOps capabilities which is been extremely successful thanks to Dustin, Harry, Soe, Fei, Luan and all other engineering team members. After our success now it was our turn to start experimenting something new.



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